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Sometimes the real essence of rock and roll can be reduced to an open E chord played like you really mean it.
- Brian May

Hi. I'm Julian. I put words in lines and then glue the lines together. Sometimes they make you have feelings. It's a weird way to make a living, when you put it that way.

But hey, you're here, so welcome.


06 Dec 2020: giant steps for a Julian - I have sold my queer, grimy, anticapitalist cyberpunk short story PAPA'S GONNA BUY YOU A MOCKINGBIRD to Fireside Magazine!

It will be appearing as part of the Spring 2021 issue, edited by Ryan Boyd, and I can't wait for you all to see it.

04 May 2019: my latest short story, HEX CODE, is now available pretty much everywhere ebooks are sold!

We also have a snazztastic new look over here at PBL, courtesy of me getting very Cansei de Stylesheet. Hope you like it. I missed having a sidebar.

words in lines

publication date: 04 May 2019
cover art by J. Stuart

It's Wednesday night on the support desk, and Kaylor is over it. Then a call comes in from a user with a frozen Grimoire and a problem so big it could only be a full moon night.

7k, urban fantasy/horror with a twist of tech.

available from major ebook retailers

Purchase HEX CODE


publication date: 04 May 2017
cover art by E. Sailer

Late one night, at a bar, two people meet over a cigarette.
One of them is a cab driver.
The other may or may not be real.

11k, urban fantasy.

available from major ebook retailers and in hardcopy exclusively from Lulu


your host

Julian Stuart is, according to a wide variety of sources, a writer.

Julian was raised in Canada and exported for the Australian market. They live mostly in front of a keyboard, with their husband and dog who remind them to go outside sometimes, and enjoy black tea, starlight, absurdism, sus2 chords, old book smell, and the word quirk.

Ironically, they have a great phone voice.

author photo by Julian Stuart


For all professional enquiries, please contact me via email at julianstuart.writes (at) gmail (dot) com, noting that I am on Australian Eastern Time.

For all unprofessional enquiries, cat memes, dog pics, and dad jokes, find me on Twitter!

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